Michigan Adrenal Group

Dr. Richard Auchus, MD, PhD

Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes (MEND). He received his medical degree and Ph.D. in pharmacology from Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Auchus completed his residency at the University of Iowa and an endocrinology fellowship at UTHSC-San Antonio/Wilford Hall Medical Center. Dr. Auchus came to the University of Michigan from University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School, where he was a Professor of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology.

Dr. Auchus is a steroid biologist with expertise both in basic science and clinical/translational science. His work has included translational research into: molecular and genetic mechanisms of human hypertension, improved diagnostic studies and management in primary aldosteronism and Cushing syndromes, modifier genes in 21-hydroxylase deficiency, cardiovascular disease in polycystic ovary syndrome, and the endocrinology of traumatic brain injury.

Dr. William Rainey, PhD

Jerome W Conn Collegiate Professor

Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Professor of Internal Medicine, Medical School

Rainey Lab:

Dr. Tobias Else, MD

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes (MEND). He received his medical degree at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and he completed his residency and fellowship at the University of Michigan. He was the organizer and is now the director of the Michigan Endocrine Oncology Repository (MEOR). His research program focuses on adrenal cancer, both adrenocortical cancer and pheochromocytoma. In addition, he is working to define genetic causes of familial hyperaldosteronism. His research is funded by private foundations as well as the American Heart Association and National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Gary Hammer, MD, PhD

Medical endocrinologist specializing in the treatment of adrenal and gonadal diseases. Work in his laboratory has focused on the mechanisms by which signaling and transcriptional programs initiate adrenal-specific growth and differentiation with an emphasis on the dysregulated growth of adrenocortical stem cells in development and cancer.

Dr. Hammer's research focuses on the molecular underpinnings of adrenocortical growth in development and cancer. His laboratory's goals are to characterize the adrenocortical stem/progenitor cell population and elucidate how altered regulation of these cells contributes to adrenocortical disease, namely hypoplasias, dysplasias and cancer.

Dr. James Shields, MD

Assistant Professor, Radiology

Division of Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Dr. Thomas J. Giordano, MD, PhD

Henry Clay Bryant Professor of Pathology, Endocrine Pathology

Director, Division of Molecular and Genomic Pathology

Program Director, Surgical Pathology Fellowship

Department of Pathology

Michigan Medicine

University of Michigan

Dr. James Brian Byrd, MD

Assistant Professor

Hypertension Clinic, General Cardiology

Michigan Medicine

University of Michigan

National Collaborators

Dr. Deborah P. Merke, MD, MS

Senior Investigator

Pediatric Consult Service

NIH Clinical Center

Dr. Anand Vaidya, MD

Director, Center for Adrenal Disorders

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension

Dr. Robert M. Carey, MD, M.A.C.P.

Robert M. Carey, M.D., M.A.C.P.

Professor of Medicine

Dean Emeritus, School of Medicine

University of Virginia

Dr. William F. Young Jr., MD

Dr. Celso Gomez-Sanchez, MD

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi

International Collaborators

Dr. Fumitoshi Satoh, MD, PhD

He received an M.D. in 1991 and a Ph.D. in 1997 both from Tohoku University. He completed a Research fellowship in the Department of Metabolic Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College of London, UK (Professor S.R. Bloom). Dr. Satoh is currently Professor; Division of Division of Nephrology, Endocrinology, and Vascular Medicine, Tohoku University Hospital. His lab